David Griffin: Zion Williamson's Injury Due To How He's Officiated

David Griffin sharply criticized how Zion Williamson is officiated after announcing he is out indefinitely with a fractured finger.

"Zion is left-handed so it's a fairly significant situation for him," said Griffin.

"I'm really frustrated because this was avoidable. We told the NBA through every means available to us, through sending in film, through speaking to everybody in the officials department and everybody in basketball operations, that the way they were officiating Zion was going to get him injured.

"Quite frankly, he's injured now because of the open season there's been on Zion Williamson in the paint. He's been absolutely mauled in the paint on a regular basis, to the point that other players have said to him, 'I'm going to keep doing this to you because they don't call it.' There's more violence encouraged in the paint against Zion Williamson than any player I've seen since Shaq. It was egregious and horrific then, and the same is true now."

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Anthony Davis Expected To Play Friday Despite Leaving Thursday's Game With Back Spasms

Anthony Davis exited the Los Angeles Lakers' loss on Thursday at the Los Angeles Clippers with back spasms, but he's expected to play in a key game at the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday.

The Lakers are currently seeded No. 6 ahead of Portland and the winner of Friday's game will hold the tiebreaker.

Davis played nine minutes in the first quarter. Davis has played in eight games since missing nine weeks due to a calf strain and Achilles tendinosis in his right leg.

Davis said he expects to play against the Blazers in what he dubbed "probably the biggest game" out of the six dates remaining on the Lakers' regular-season schedule.

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Malcolm Brogdon, Domantas Sabonis Reportedly Want Nate Bjorkgren Fired

There is concern within the Indiana Pacers about the mental state of Nate Bjorkgren, according to J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star.

League sources tell Michael that Bjorkgren has taken the station hard.

Michael also reports that Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis would like Bjorkgren fired. T.J. Warren previously asked to be traded because he doesn't like Bjorgren.

Players on the Pacers don't like his management style and try to avoid him. Bjorkgren reportedly micromanages his assistant coaches.

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Pacers Concerned About Mental State Of Nate Bjorkgren

There is concern within the Indiana Pacers about the mental state of Nate Bjorkgren, according to J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star.

League sources tell Michael that Bjorkgren has taken the situation hard.

Multiple league sources, however, have refuted many of the rumors that have been circulating around Bjorkgren and the Pacers.

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Damion Lee Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Vaccination

Damion Lee said he tested positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated, and that he has no timetable for his return.

"I did get the vaccine the middle, end of March, but essentially this was just a rare breakthrough case. ... Right now, there's no timeline in the immediate future for me coming back and playing," said Lee on Thursday.

Lee last played on April 19. He received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on March 22, then tested positive on April 21.

Lee has been cleared to return to the Warriors practice facility.

The guard has yet to return to basketball activities as he is still experiencing some symptoms.

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Rick Carlisle Expects Kristaps Porzingis To Return In Regular Season 'At Some Point'

Rick Carlisle said that Kristaps Porzingis will return for the regular season "at some point," though he said Porzingis was doubtful for Friday's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Porzingis has been out since April 29 due to knee soreness, and has missed 26 games this season.

Carlisle added that it was important for Porzingis to re-establish his chemistry with the team.

"When he is ready to come back and play in NBA games, we need him back on the floor. Yeah, he's obviously one of our top players, and the sooner we can get him back on the floor, the sooner he can re-establish conditioning, rhythm, chemistry with teammates, those kinds of things."

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